I have helped families, individuals, schools, businesses, organizations, and communities resolve many types of conflicts–through litigation and through mediation.  Areas of focus in my practice include:

Family Matters

Divorce, Custody, Support and Parenting Issues

Couples can work with me on their own or with representation by their own attorneys. I support both parties throughout the process and help them achieve a resolution that is workable and fair.

Elder Care and End of Life Decision-Making

Making decisions about an aging parent’s living situation, caregiving, and finances can lead to breakdowns in communication among the adult children of elderly parents and between the children and parent(s). Mediation can help. If your family is at an impasse, I can help you get past it.

Business Disputes

I have extensive experience litigating complex business and financial disputes and in-depth knowledge of the law. I offer a practical, economical approach to helping businesses reach negotiated resolutions of contract disputes, employment matters, and business torts, so they can move on from their dispute and its drain on productivity and mission. 

Organizational, Community & School-Based Conflicts

I have worked with schools, non-profits, and community groups as a mediator, educator, and board member. I can help your group work through differences and settle disputes quickly and economically through effective communication, exploration of options, negotiation, and compromise.

Consultation and Facilitation

I consult with organizations, communities, and schools to design and facilitate dialogues to celebrate successes, appreciate diversity, and implement creative solutions to problems. I consult with organizational leaders to address the causes of conflicts and design systems and structures to correct systemic problems and prevent their recurrence.

Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is an approach to crime, wrongdoing, and serious disciplinary matters that emphasizes accountability and repair of harm over punishment, and that addresses not only the symptoms of social discord, but also its root causes. It is a collaborative process that engages all who have been affected by an incident and empowers them to decide what must be done to put things right. Restorative justice is being adopted as an alternative approach in criminal justice systems and schools, and transforming people, relationships, and communities. Through Circle Ways, I provide services to schools to help them integrate restorative practices into their cultures and ways of learning and being together. 

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